Target Audience

SMEs, entrepreneurs and academicians, from geomatic sectors and others  wishing to explore the potential benefits of using integrated applications services (soft and instruments) or to explore the potential integration of their value-adding services  with geomatic-based services.
Exhibition booth of materials, specialized and didactic software

Exhibition booth

for 1 Day

200 Euros / 650 DT 1 day

Dimension (5m X 3m) builded stand

Exhibition booth

for 3 Days

500 Euros / 1500 DT 3 days

Dimension (5m X 3m) builded stand

Booth Reservation

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These fees are to be paid in cash, by order form, by check or by bank transfer, the order of the”Association Tunisienne de Geomatique”.

Association Tunisienne de Géomatique (ATG) created since 2011, Jort Réf. N°4029 in 11 Octobre 2011, visa N° 2011T05596APSF1 and fiscale registration number   1238329/W). 

Association Tunisienne de Geomatique

Agence   BIAT Alyssa 2

RIB : 08 110 01002 200 3597707

IBAN : TN59 0811 0010 0220 0359 7707