Workshops: 25th March

The first day of the conference (Monday, March 25th) workshops related to the themes of the Congress are organized on a half-day. The schedule informing of the distribution of the workshops on the half-day and the detail of the Workshops will soon be available.

List of proposed workshops and coordinators:

  • WS1 : WIKI SIG (Coordinator: Wided Batita, D. Nabil, Z. Ben Cheikh)
  • WS2 : SIF & SIC (Coordinator: Raouf Labidi, B. Yosra, A. Ghoul, B. Soussi, H. Trabelsi)
  • WS3 : Architectural photogrammetry & laser scanning in connection with BIM (Coordinator: P. Grussenmeyer, B. Sfaxi, S. M. Ben Ouzdou, Mrabet, K. Mansouri, S. Ferchichi)
  • WS4 : Contrôle Qualité des données spatiales (Coordinator: Nicolas R Chrisman, A. Moussi, , N. Rebai)
  • WS5 : IOT (Coordinator: N. Ghram, bws society, Aniss Moumen)
  • WS6: Computational Statistic (Coordinator: Faouzi Ghorbel, Cristal Laboratory, Didier Josselin, M. Karim)
  • WS7: Cartographie et suivi satellitaires des hauts-fonds par intelligence artificielle (Coordinator: Y. Bouroubi, Z. Yahyaoui, S. Gannouni, A. Belguith)
  • WS8: Geomatics and Disaster Management (Coordinator: R.M. Abdalla, W. Razzeg, . H. Ismail)
  • WS9: Lidar survey fundamentals (coordinator: Esa Haapa-Aho / Terrasolid, Mohamed Masmoudi, Béchir Sfaxi, Iman Hamdi, Chaieb Ali)
  • WS10: System of assistant to the evaluation of the impacts of the climate change on the functioning of a littoral urban area  (Coordinator: Didier Josselin, Saadi Abdeljaoued, Yahyaoui Zouhour)
  • WS11: Municipal GIS (Coordinator: Abdelkader El Garouani,Nabil Doghri, Mohamed Kadhem Kilani)