Training Session

28 -30 March 2019

Immediately after the conferences, the ATG with the collaboration of Terrasolid and GISICA assume LIDAR training to some students/researches/Professionals, in the congress I SEE GEOMATICS context.  Offering to participants the possibility to get involved in new technologies experiences.

Early-career scientist will also have the opportunity to attend some useful keynotes in GEOMATICS given by Experts in different topics in GEOMATIC.

Participation Fee

Courses, coffee break and lunch

Students/doctorates 200 DT/70 Euros

others 300 DT/ 100 Euros

Registration before 15th March 2019.

Only 20 places are available

we are kindly reminding that any trainee registered for Terrasolid courses  is considered accepted only after the confirmation of Terrasolid (the software developer/ the training provider) and Gisica LTD (the local distributor).  At an advanced stage, we will forward a form to fill selected trainees details for validation. Thanks for your understanding.

Training Registration

Personal identity card or Passport Number


Cela nous aide à éviter les spams, merci.